2.5. We have new litters !! More info "HERE".


20.4. New pictures of Limett and Leticia Provocativo (Larry v. Bierstadter Hof daughters)

24.3. OV Plzeň, judge Ing. Karel Strouhal:

          GEROY Provocativo VV3
          CHANTAL Provocativo VV2
          CAMERON Provocativo SG2
          EMA v. Eichenplatz SG1
          WALKER v. Arlett SG3
          APACHE Provocativo SG1


17.3. Regional show Sezimovo Ústí, judge Ing. Jiří Novotný:

          GEROY Provocativo VV1
          ITCHI v. Eichenplatz SG2 
          EMILIO Provocativo SG1
          WALKER v. Arlett SG2
          APACHE Provocativo SG1
          CAMERON Provocativo  SG1
          EMA v. Eichenplatz SG1
          QWINA Provocativo V1 Regional winner
          SAMBA Provocativo V1 Best veteran

5.3. New photo of  YANKEE !!

11.2. MVP Nitra - Rodeo Provocativo V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and finished Slovakia champion !!


8.2. New pictures of Yankee HERE.

2.2. We have new litters !! More info  "Puppies" !!


News 2016

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